• Requirements to be Considered for Sponsorship

    The requirements below in no way convey or are an approval for a possible sponsorship.

    These are the basic requirements to be considered for a sponsorship.

    1. Must own an Equi-Resp system for at least 3 months.
    2. Must have parent’s written permission to be considered for a sponsorship, if under 18.
    3. Must be able to submit a 2 paragraph testimonial of how Equi-Resp helped your horse.
    4. Must have won either state and or national titles within the last year. List of all other accomplishments as well.
    5. Must provide two references including name, address, phone and email address. Must not be related.
    6. Must provide access to Facebook page.

    All requests for consideration of sponsorship must be submitted between December 1st and December 31st for consideration following year. Any submission outside this time-frame will not be considered.

    All sponsorships will be awarded by February 1st of sponsorship year and will be good for a 12 month period.

    All sponsorship recipients will receive our newest unit to use, plus one year supply of all products and will be used in all our advertising and promotional material.

    Recipient Rules

    Once you receive notification of your sponsorship you will be required the following:

    1. Must not post anything on Facebook or elsewhere that is of a questionable nature.
    2. Must be able to provide throughout the year, a minimum of 2 professional photos with permission given by photographer.
    3. Must be able to explain with some degree of knowledge how Equi-Resp works and what it can help with.
    4. Must have parent’s written permission to be sponsored if under 18.
    5. Must post at least once a month on FB pictures of your accomplishments and mention Equi-Resp as your sponsor in the posts.

    If you meet these criteria, tell us about yourself!