About Us

Equi-Resp is a full service Equine Respiratory Company. We provide a range of equine nebulizers to fit any need. When your horse develops a respiratory issue, the best and quickest way to deal with it is by nebulizing. We have spent years researching products and feel we have by far the best on the market.

Our SilvaPlex is 100% natural and has used by many top vets, trainers, competitors, even Olympians. It is the only Chelated Silver manufactured in an FDA inspected lab and has no surfactants. It is NOT a Colloidal silver.  Colloidal have been banned by the FDA and can be toxic. Please check out our website for more information and many articles in our library on respiratory issues.

Nebulizers are a way of life in the human world and for the most part economical.

We designed the Equi-Resp system for horses to be economical and easy to use.

  • SOFT CLEAR PLASTIC: Makes it less intimidating for the horse. And the soft gasket ensures a snug fit.
  • ONE PIECE DESIGN FOR EASY CLEANING. No parts to take apart and try to put back together.
  • ADJUSTABLE, DETACHABLE HEADSTALL Also has a quick release for emergencies.
  • OPTIONS! Whether you are a full time trainer or a recreational rider, we have a system for you!

Whether you are addressing breathing issues to include:

  • coughing
  • bleeding
  • heaves
  • RAO
  • flapper issues
  • guttural pouch Infections in horses
  • respiratory infections in horses
  • lung fungus
  • scar tissue
  • viral infections in respiratory or lungs of horses or equine
  • an alternative to using Lasix in horses

Respiratory treatments with Equi-Resp nebulizer is your solution for respiratory health and healing.

In addition to equine respiratory treatment solutions,  we also offer silver wound gel  and silver wound spray for horses and animals.