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Our SilvaPlex is 100% natural and has been used by many top vets, trainers, competitors, even Olympians. It is the only Chelated Silver manufactured in an FDA inspected lab and has no surfactants. It is NOT a Colloidal silver.  Colloidal have been banned by the FDA and can be toxic.

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Elite Equine Nebulizer

Elite Equine Nebulizer Compressor

Why Silver?

  • "Equi-Resp has helped my horse feel confident breathing going into the arena, he recovers quicker since using Equi-Resp, and he loves his treatments so much he almost falls asleep. I think it’s safe to say we both love Equi-Resp!"

    -Kylee Grace

  • "Equiresp has been a game changer for my bleeder. We wouldnt go without it. It helps her so much with recovery and pre-run therapy. Love this device so much!!!"

    -Lindsey Keefer Pritts

  • "When I bought this machine I had no idea how much I would depend on it. Thank you Equi-Resp and Angela Clark for helping Royal Jetolena and PC Traffic so much. The one tool I couldn’t live without!"

    -Kelly Mathews