Frequently Asked Questions

Why Nebulize?

Horses develop many of the same respiratory issues as humans.  Allergies, Asthma, COPD, plus Exercised Induced Pulmonary Disease (bleeders).   Many issues become resistant to antibiotics just as in humans.  When you nebulize, you get right to the heart of the issue.  You are able to distribute the medication exactly where it needs to go in the respiratory system.

Why use EquiResp instead of other nebulizers on the market?

EquiResp offers easy to use products designed with the user in mind.  All units are 3 easy pieces.  You don’t have multiple parts that can break or need to be replaced.  We offer two different systems.  Our Elite which is proven to reach the lungs and great for multiple horses or serious issues. Our EquiMist is the latest technology in battery operated systems. 

What is the difference in the Elite and the EquiMist?

The Elite is an exclusively designed form of jet nebulizer.  Powerful, rugged, quiet, and easy to use.  There are many types of jet nebulizers on the market.  The small human ones are just one example.  However, they do not have the power to truly nebulize a horse.  You have to remember human lungs hold 7-8 liters of air.  A horse’s lungs hold 56-58 liters of air.  Using a human nebulizer to nebulize a horse would be like using a rowboat to tow a Cruise liner.

The Elite was specifically designed for equine nebulization and to handle the rigors of barn use.  Two fans to keep it cool and keep dust out of the unit.  The pressure gauge sets it apart from other jet nebulizers on the market.  Being able to adjust pressure based on viscosity of product, temperature or elevation makes it ideal for many applications.

Our EquiMist is the latest and newest technology in battery powered units.  Just as cell phones and laptops have greatly come down in size, so has battery operated units.  We utilize the latest in MicroMesh technology.  Our medicine cup is designed to have the power to push the medication thru 3000 small holes in the mesh to give you the smallest micron possible in nebulizing.  Again, utilizing just 3 easy pieces and charges anywhere a cell phone charges and only takes 5 minutes to charge.  No need to wait hours for a battery to charge.

What comes with an EquiResp system?

Absolutely everything you need to use to nebulize your horse or animal.  You don’t have to worry about additional items to order to get you started.

What are the residual costs in owing a unit?

The only thing you ever have to purchase again are medicine cups or Silvaplex.  Our typical turnaround time is, order it today and it goes out tomorrow. We send you the tracking info as soon as it ships.

What are the warranties on systems?

Our Elite and mask have a 3-year warranty.  The longest in the industry.  The EquiMist controller/battery have a 2-year warranty.

Can you use a Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) with our mask?

Absolutely!  An MDI fits perfectly into our mask just as our medicine cups do.

What about cleaning?

All systems come with a bottle of our disinfectant PURE.  It is a hospital grade product which has won numerous safety awards and kills over 400 viruses including MRSA.  What sets it apart from other disinfectants is it has no odor.  Keeping odors to a minimum when dealing with a respiratory issue is essential.

Can you use Essential Oils in a nebulizer?

Aroma therapy is not respiratory therapy.  Oils are extremely potent, and many are made in less than perfect conditions.  We have a wonderful article on our website written by an expert in Essential Oils and one of our Respiratory Therapist with over 30 years’ experience on why Aroma Therapy is not Respiratory Therapy.

What solutions do you provide?

All medications need to come from your veterinarian. Antibiotics, bronchodilators, corticosteroids are all prescribed by your vet. Many medications need to be diluted.  We have a dilution chart on our website.  Each system comes with a bottle of Silvaplex. An all-natural chelated silver.  Silver is a natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, viral and fungal.  Nothing and no one are allergic to it, and it doesn’t interfere with anything else you give or do.  You can read more about it on our website.

What is the difference between Chelated silver and Colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement and is typically 10-15 parts per million. Anyone can make colloidal silver.  Purchase a $39 silver generator and make it, but you have no idea of it’s efficacy or effectiveness.

Chelated silver has to be made in a lab.  You cannot make it yourself.  Chelated silver is typically 100-110 parts per million.  Ours is made in an FDA approved lab and bottled in an FDA approved bottling plant.  We have a certificate of analyst on every batch.

Why are parts per million important?

Imagine the spray from a garden hose versus the spray from a spray bottle.  The garden hose droplets are going to be much larger and fewer, so you have fewer parts per million in the spray. The Spray bottle will create a finer mist, thus more and smaller parts per million.  These parts are called microns.  The smaller the micron, the deeper it goes into the respiratory system.  We have a diagram on the website showing this. 

Do veterinarians use EquiResp?

More and more vets are discovering how easy it is to use and how they can send home with a client without worrying about missing parts or damage.  In addition, the Elite offers exceptional value and ability to nebulize many variations of medications without numerous cups or changes.

What scientific data do you have?

The nuclear scintigraphy study on our website shows how deep particles get into the respiratory system with the Elite. 

Do you have testimonials?

Our clients are the ones who built this company.  Clients have been posting testimonials and “EquiSelfies” (pictures of nebulizing animals) on our FB page since the beginning.   We encourage you to read them and also look at all the pictures posted.