Form Fitting Gasket
Without our patented design, you lose product out of the top of the mask, thus wasting what you are trying to nebulize.
Our design fits most size horses and keeps the product in. The softness of the gasket is less irritating to the horse than a hard plastic that won’t give.

Soft Clear Design
Proper equine nebulization requires being able to watch your horse breathe in the product and ensure proper fit. The size of the mask is large enough to allow proper C02 exhalation.

No Pieces and Parts
You don’t have to worry about trying to put pieces and parts back together. Easy cleaning too. Less weight on horse’s head.

American Made
We are proud of the fact that we are made right here in Oklahoma.

CO2 PORT serves 3 purposes: Mask is designed to ensure CO2 goes down and out. Any exudates drains. But most importantly you can help your horse breathe in more product by placing your hand over the port for a short term. You can actually watch as the mask fills and help your horse take deeper breaths, and ensure deeper penetrations into the lower respiratory system.

Mask comes with a Three Year Warranty, longest in the industry.

Clean YourMask with PURE cleaner: