Confused About the Difference Between Chelated and Colloidal Silver?

When it comes to silver products, it really is a matter of “Buyer Beware”.  There is a HUGE difference between colloidal silver and chelated silver.  Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement and sold in many health food stores.  Typically, it is 10 -14 parts per million.  The particle size is too large to nebulize and unfortunately many people “make their own” without any regulation or testing to show purity.  FDA has put out many warnings concerning this practice. It is perfectly fine to make for your own use, but the FDA is starting to crack down on those who produce for public sale without following proper guidelines.  Chelated silver is a process in which silver is made in a completely different way.  PURE Chelated silver is typically 100-110 parts per million and the particle size is small enough to nebulize. The Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (JAC) has completed an extensive study and written a comprehensive report showing that chelated silver has 32 times the efficacy of colloidal silver.  This paper can be found on the Equi-Resp website under Studies and Articles.

Then you have several forms of chelated silver.  SilvaPlex is 100% PURE chelated silver, no additives.  It is produced in an FDA approved laboratory and bottled in an approved bottling facility.  The other is chelated silver “complex” which means it has additional additives to make it work for specific situations.  If the complex is surfactants, then it has a process using basic things like glycerin and other products used in soaps or hand sanitizers.  No matter how they dilute it, it will always have the surfactants in it.  A good way to know is to shake it, if it foams, it has surfactants’.  Our Silvaplex wound care line is a chelated complex too.  It has a chitosan polymer base which helps hold the product in place for healing.  This product is FDA approved.  And again, you can be assured of the safety as every one of our products have a “cradle to grave” process as required by the FDA.  Each batch has “control samples” saved to ensure if ever there is an issue they can retest the original batch.  You can be assured of the highest quality.