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Eye Allergies Clearing Up

Equi-Resp thank you again for another great use in helping to clear up allergies in my pony’s eyes. This is after one treatment! Tonda Collins thank you!

Jody Stuhr

Down the Road

I bought the down the road as I do not have a bleeder. I just wanted an extra edge. We live in a powder dust and windy area where we are here in AZ. On Friday we won a race mind you our FIRST 1d run by 2tenths. Wow, jump from 2d to 1d with my only difference being the Equi-Resp. Thank you for making such a great product. Look forward to more wins with the GREAT mare!

Tabi Reed

Back to Winning!

Anyone on the fence about Equi-Resp, don’t hesitate to try one! Hope is back to winning. Thanks to Equi-Resp, Hope is back to winning and has not bled once since started using in December.

Jade Crago

I use Equi-Resp on two horses…

I use the equi-resp on two horses. My young mare picked up an upper resp infection and I did not know it til she was sick. I immediately contacted equi-resp and they gave me some things to do to help her get better faster and she is. I was going through my product pretty fast and order a new kit on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday before noon. What great customer service and genuine concern for the health of my mare. Thanks a Million !!!!

Tammy Tichenor

Thank you for this product!

My SW horse has been waiting his entire life for this product…he is a new boy…thanks to Equi-Resp ..this is amazing product…

Carolyn Carter Emmett

It’s made all of the difference in our barn!

Equiresp has made all the difference in our barn. We’ve got quite a few horses that have struggled with spring allergies, but EquiResp has completely resolved those issues. And for our eventers, it’s become a huge part of our post-cross country recovery routine, and the impact it has on their breathing is noticeable after just a few treatments. We swear by EquiResp!

Durr Eventing

Breathing Easier

Jazzys 2nd treatment today she was wheezing and her breathing was making her whole body move! I’m so impressed with the product I can’t hardly believe how it works. I took the mask off and she put her head down and went to sleep like she just felt better! Tonda Collins your product is amazing! I am hoping when she gets to feeling better her times improve.

Amanda Lace Roth Long

Great Company

Equi-Resp a truly wonderful professional bunch of people and a great product for your horse. If you want first class treatment for your horse and want your horse to run faster and overall be a healthier horse give them a try, your horse will love you for making them breathe easier. There may be other “cheaper” products out there but none with the documented and medical proof to back them up like this. Never trust your horse to anything then the best, use Equi-Resp.

Melanie Lancaster Cloward

No more bucking!

Frecklespistolannie AKA Josie getting her treatment… thank you again to Tonda Collins and Dwana Eaton Salisbury. If you have a horse with issues your vet can not seem to find it might just be a breathing issue. Check this Equi-Resp system out. It has made the little yellow horse preform so much better and she even quit bucking!!!!!!!!!

Sky Mae Pharo

True Believer!

I used my system o. A 6-year-old mare that had been coughing for a week. Had done a round of antibiotics with no luck, then today I used the Equi-Resp system. Couldn’t believe how much stuff was in the mask when we got done. True believer now!! Will use it the next time I have a horse coughing. Thank you Tonda Collins for creating such an amazing product!

Lindsey Wilson

Can't Go Without this Tool!

When I bought this machine I had no idea how much I would depend on it. Thank you Equi-Resp and Angela Clark for helping Royal Jetolena and PC Traffic so much. The one tool I couldn’t live without!

Kelly Matthews

Feeling Saved!

I would have posted this earlier but had to leave town. My good horse is a bleeder and bled through Lasix I was desperate when I got to the BBR Finals he had a treatment before every run and was run 4 days in a row and never bled once. I highly recommend the Equi-Resp even if u don’t have a bleeder. FEELING SAVED.

Chris Gibbons