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More Great Testimonials

Although I already entered I’m so proud of this mare! I purchased Tangaray 6 years ago for cheap. Was told she’d never be more than a 4D horse. WRONG! She has won NBHA district 1D Champion, 1D Reserve Champion, 1D top 5, 2D Champion, Top 15 at Congress , NBHA World Finalist and this year won a saddle! All she needed was to be healthy and Equi-Resp has done that for her! PERIOD! Proud to wear their logo! Julie O’Brien

My old man is 18 years old and still running strong! He has had breathing issues for years and even tie forward surgery. And he doesn’t like sharing his Equi-Resp ? Barbara Howard Holder

We have loved our Equi-Resp since we got it three years ago. It’s truly been a game changer. In Alabama we can face some pretty dry dusty weather then some pretty humid days too. It has helped with it all, no more dry coughs, runny noses and such. Horses are going to get respiratory issues at some point or another but this has definitely been our go to. Whatever I can do that’s effective and don’t have to give antibiotics and a trip to the vet for is a true winner for me! We also have a lot of horses travel from WY to AL and this is one of the first things we do when they get here. It truly continues to keep
our crew happy and healthy! We ? Equi-Resp! Sara Grace Dixon Chapman

Hustler was diagnosed with “roaring” and allergies earlier this year. We did surgery and bought an equi-mist. We used the equi-mist at the few big runs we had before we did surgery and he placed in the 1D at all of them. He hasn’t missed a beat and his breathing sounds better than ever! We don’t leave home without it!

Delete, hide or report this Kaity Jean Bertsch

Our EquiResp has helped tremendously with my horses condition. She is a bleeder and has EIPH. The first time I gave her a treatment was at a 3 day barrel race and she ran 10x times harder than the day before. She also has seasonal allergies and she got treatments regularly during the summer months to help clear her lungs.
We are truly grateful for this machine!  Karly Dauflin

I have used my Equi-resp on more then just my horses. I have used it to treat sick calves, a mystery illness in a market goat ? and help a little old mare that some said was unridable because her heaves had gotten to bad. I always have it in my trailer. Cassie Moore Holm

People told me my mare Kiche was full blown retired at just 11 years old due to scarring in her lungs. The vets said there wasn’t anything they could really do to help her. I wasn’t willing to accept their answer and scoured the internet for anything to help her breathe a little easier, even if it didn’t relieve her symptoms enough to ride. I stumbled across Equi-Resp and decided to give it a shot. Within a month of near daily treatments we went from a resting respiratory rate of 35 breaths a minute down to 20. We slowly built her back up and 4 months after her diagnosis, I was able to go for a short ride around the barn. That was 2017. In the past 2 years, we have been able to come back almost to where we were before her diagnosis. We have completed several introductory endurance rides to keep us active in our chosen sport. She has carried many newbies through their first endurance intros. We went on our dream vacation in Aug of last year to the Grand Canyon and Utah, covering 80 miles of tough technical trail in a week. She is my heart horse and if it were not for Equi-Resp, her quality of life would be terrible. Jen Joines

We love our equi-resp! It has improved so much on our runs and have made my boys feel amazing! They ran at high school state finals and were in the top 50 percent! Such an amazing brand and loved talking to you guys at Martha Josey! Lauren Martin  Best Picture

Helped this girl get her confidence back too give it her all while running  Tammy M Martyn

This is Mister GW. He has EIPH. I tried KC powder, Lasix, and other products. Nothing seemed to work for him. He would either not run or would still bleed through. My mom and I decided to go halfsies on a Equi-Resp Elite Unit in 2014 or 2015. Since that time I can count on one hand how many times he has bled. I can also count on one hand how many times I have not used it before I ran him. At the age of 17 he is running better than ever. I am so thankful for Equi-Resp and helping keep this guy running! Lea Atkinson

Equiresp has been a huge blessing to me and this horse. He has been able to go back to work thanks to the Equiresp system. His respirations are back to normal and I know with regular use his lungs are clear and ready to go!! CJ Zipperer Johnson

My mare has had a horrendous sinus infection off and on for over a year. Antibiotics would clear it up for a couple of weeks but then she'd start having this foul smelling drainage coming from her nose again and we were back at square one. With only four equi-resp treatments over the span of two weeks, she is now stink free and snot free!! Best part is that she has remained clear for over a month! I am a firm believer in aqui-resp and my awesome equine therapist! Elizabeth Holland

My mare got strangles that turned into a lower respiratory infection. In one ride she would cough 20+ times. I started her on the 3 day treatment of equi-resp and now she gets a treatment 2-4 times a month along with her Acuscope. Needless to say the cough is gone, her lungs are healthy, and she’s running faster than she ever has!  Haley Longfield

The Equi-Resp has helped our mare Midget our so much. This is her when we traveled to South Point in Las Vegas for the Indian National Finals. It helped her adjust to Nevada from Oklahoma. Thank you Equi-Resp!!!  Leah Hicks Adams

We were dealing with asthma. By using albuterol in my equiresp it allowed my horse to breathe when running again! We love this product and it kept my horse going down the road!  Jessica Mischler

The equiresp helped me get this old pony back in order from having horrible heaves so he could have a happy career with his little boy ❤️ Danille Bartelt

I originally purchased my Equiresp for a mare I was running that had seasonal allergies. I sold her a few years ago, but has easily paid for itself in the saved vet bills allowing me to treat respiratory ailments myself. I use it regularly on my personal horses and client horses to clear up seasonal crud or help them stay healthy if we get a bad bale of hay. I picked this picture of my coming 2yo paint gelding because without the Equiresp I don't think he would be here today! He had a bad case of pneumonia as a weanling and was on antibiotics but got better and then got much much worse. When he took his turn for the worst I started using the equiresp 2-3 times a day and he came around in a matter of days. His lung sounds improved, went back on his feed and his fever went down. He was able to successfully cough up the infection in his lungs after his treatments. I know we would have had a few thousand dollar vet stay if I wouldn't have used my Equiresp. So grateful for such an amazing product and what it has done for my horses!  Annie Gerlach

Equiresp has been a game changer for my bleeder. We wouldnt go without it. It helps her so much with recovery and pre-run therapy. Love this device so much!!! Lindsey Keefer Pritts

A nebulizer helped this guy get through a bad allergy bleed during a weekend race, helped keep him breathing good and helped his lungs stay healthy! Danielle Bartelt

Equi-Resp has become one of the biggest blessing for my horses! I have one mare that I have had evaluated multiple times for a dry cough she gets and no one can tell me what it’s from. We’ve tried treating allergies and treating for bleeding with no success. I bought a equi resp as a last ditch effort to keep my mare comfortable and it has done so much more than that. She breathes better and runs harder than before! Thank you so much for your products! I will be a believer forever!! Sam Weaver

Equi Resp helped tremendously when we were forced to stall and compete in a dusty indoor arena at a high school rodeo. Not a single cough and no nasal discharge. Helps her stay competitive at every rodeo! Thank you Equi Resp! Casey Henderson

I have testimony after testimony of not only how EquiResp has helped my horses but my friends horses as well. Not only is this machine absolutely a LIFE SAVER but Tonda Collins is as well. She is just a phone call away when I had questions about how to use our EquiResp with our weanling Arson. He had a severe upper respiratory and after 4 treatments he was back feeling good. We will NEVER go without our EquiResp!!!! ❤️❤️ Shelby Kiser Harris

I got this guy with severe gate issues. We went through and found out be was a bleeder. Equiresp helped him during his recovery SO much, now hes back to his 1/2D self running at rodeos and jackpots, as well as being a phenom ranch horse. Always a must during the dusty hay/dry winter rodeo season! Taylor Schipman

Helped bring this girl back from allergies so bad she bled through Lasix  Stacy Rode Schults

Equi-Resp has helped my horse feel confident breathing going into the arena, he recovers quicker since using Equi-Resp, and he loves his treatments so much he almost falls asleep. I think it’s safe to say we both love Equi-Resp! Kylee Grace

My mare loves her pre-race EquiResp treatments!! It also comes in VERY handy this time of the year with weather changes and snotty noses!! Clears it right up with no medication!! It’s also great in spring time with allergies!! EquiResp is a MUST for so many reasons!! Thank you Tonda Collins for giving us an opportunity to have access to such a wonderful product!! ❤️Keely Richards

A year ago I was at a clinic in Pawhuska. When I left home to travel there, my horse was fine. Upon arrival, it became very evident my horse had caught a cold. Tonda Collins was so gracious, she took the clinic to my horse and used her as a live demo. My horse received two treatments that weekend which helped her get well much faster than she would have if she hadn’t received the treatments. Can’t say enough positive things about Equi-Resp!!! Ladonna Mild

With the consistent weather changes in Iowa, this horse was having a bit of respiratory issues. We had tried different cough medicines and respiratory supplements but nothing was really working. Within just a few treatments with Equi-Resp, we saw so much improvement! The coughing stopped, and he was breathing so much easier. We may be Team Ropers but we are proud to say that Equi-Resp is an important tool we use to keep our horses healthy! Rylee Lusk

EquiResp has been a life saver for my 16 year old QH gelding who gets awful allergies and an never ending cough every spring. My OTTB mare who doesn't "need" to be nebulizer also loves her treatments! ❤❤ Not to mention that the customer service at EquiResp is beyond amazing! Shaila Vansickle

We bought the Equi-Mist to help our horses when traveling and also for recovery. We have loved using it and our horses seem to do better since we have started using it. We also use it to relieve any coughing and sneezing related to illness or allergies! Love what it has done for our animals and ourselves. Becki Mask

I’ve had my Equi-Resp for 3 years and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my horses in that time ? My rodeo horse was struggling with bleeding and he never ran very strong on Lasix but once I transitioned him over to the Equi-Resp he’s not needed 1 more dose of Lasix, he has increased stamina, and running stronger than ever even at 18 yrs old. It is now a religious part of all my horses’ routines for overall health and conditioning, I don’t leave home without it!! The horse in this photo used to struggle with severe seasonal allergies, he no longer has flare ups thanks to the Equi-Resp. As soon as the treatments starts he relaxes so much he snoozes off every time. If that’s not the face of a satisfied customer, I just don’t know what is ☺️? Kim Eickhoff

Borrowed one while heavy on the road and loved how it helped my horse during the hot/dusty event! Would love to have one!  Ashley Clarke

To the Equi-Resp product thank you very much♥️. I’ve been a customer for last 4 years. However the last two years have been a struggle. Tater has had some severe respiratory issues and now thanks to Equi-Resp and Dr. Hammer of SVLAC for FINALLY discovery and to my endless research, talking with friends - this aid will continue his recovery faster and get him back to performing & feeling the way he should be. thanks Tonda Collins for this product that you provide to help our equine athletes and the industry.
His treatments will be 2x daily for a month and will continue there after !! He would be really ??♥️?appreciative if he won an Equi-Mist
Happy Thanksgiving ?? Julie Breaux LaRose

Me and my horses love the equi-Resp we use it all the time. Love it when it is super hot and dusty. It has helped all my horse so much.  Ashton Cane

Equi-resp has helped my mare with heaves so much, when I'm not able to use it, I can definitely tell, she is just a broodmare now, but I still use this on her when she needs it. I also use on all my barrel horses and training horses. Carissa Ann

My horse Zoom went from clocking 2d to winning races and running 1d when I started using equiresp on him!! He actually loves it. We use the big one at home and the mist on the road Roni Jo Hennis

Equi-Resp keeps us going!! Michaela Castro-Delano

Rocky Dan Jet would not be able to run without his EquiResp! Kristine Weirath Nagy

Equi-Resp has been life changing for this horse. Allergies made him agitated and frustrated with life in general to the point he wasn’t much fun to be around. He’s a watchy horse, so it took some convincing that this mask and machine would make him feel better, but now he stands quiet, cocks a leg and practically falls asleep. ?Jesse Budd

This Mustang, Whiskey Jack, is 11 days out of the wild. He is a yearling. He did his first Equi-resp treatment today. We started by letting him walk around with the mask on. Then turned the compressor on so he could hear the noise. Then attached the medicine cup. You can see in the pictures how his body relaxed during the session. Shelby Kiser Harris JoJo Herring Carmen Kogan Neisewanger

I must say that the Equi-Resp has really been a game changer in helping Dandy breathe better and cough less. He stands still for the whole treatment! He seems to relax and enjoy it. And it helped us continue to barrel race this year and get another belt buckle for our collection. I enjoy the Equi-Resp mist because we can take it with us to shows and do a pre race treatment. Several of my friends have asked about it too! Thank you Equi-Resp for a great product and great Customer Service!! Teresa Cook

My mare got strangles that turned into a lower respiratory infection. In one ride she would cough 20+ times. I started her on the 3 day treatment of equi-resp and now she gets a treatment 2-4 times a month along with her Acuscope. Needless to say the cough is gone, her lungs are healthy, and she’s running faster than she ever has! Haley Longfield

This is a great story!! I know I have one in my program
The best addition to my program that I’ve ever invested in!!! ?? Jolen Borsy
? I first started using equi-resp for my boy who had bad allergies almost 4 yrs ago. He loved it from the beginning and it helped him tremendously, hes now retired and now I use it for my main boy who experiences allergies as well. It took him some time to get use to it but now he really enjoys the equi-mist as it is so quiet and I love it because it is so convenient to use anywhere, anytime. I'm glad to have equiresp to help my boys feel their best. Cindy Mainus-Jett

A few years ago after a respiratory episode, antibiotics, scope, sinus
x rays,a Bal wash and a few vets later my barrel was diagnosed with inflammatory airway disease and summer pastures rao. He would cough only on summer pasture and produce a thick yellow mucus. Vets told me eventually it would lead to heaves and to get rid of him or send him north.
Antihistamines didn’t work, one even sent him into full blown anhydrosis. I tried every over the counter supplement to no avail. I was desperate for relief for him and knew rounds of immune suppressing drugs were not a long term answer. I found out about a new thing in the barrel horse industry that was taking storm.. I’m not one to jump on a band wagon so began to research Equi resp! After all.. what did have to loose? Everything! This horse has been thru a lot himself and has also helped me get thru difficult times as well. For me it would be like loosing my best friend. I had to give it a shot. I called numerous friends, talked to professionals, talked to Tonda Collins numerous times. I began equiresp and it has been the only thing to alleviate his coughing and clear up the mucus! I am amazed! I am now able to ride and run him in the summer. He had very little episodes the last three summers! Even the vets were excited to hear his breathing and symptoms were much better! I got my best friend back!!? Adrian Menard

I’ve got a horse who had developed a bad cough. The equimist helped her tremendously, i couldn’t believe all the stuff that it had loosened up! All my horses love when I pull it out of the bag. Thank you for creating this amazing machine, my horses thank you also! The customer service is beyond amazing! Paige Cook

To the Equi-Resp product thank you very much♥️. I’ve been a customer for last 4 years. However the last two years have been a struggle. Tater has had some severe respiratory issues and now thanks to Equi-Resp and Dr. Hammer of SVLAC for FINALLY discovery and to my endless research, talking with friends - this aid will continue his recovery faster and get him back to performing & feeling the way he should be. thanks Tonda Collins for this product that you provide to help our equine athletes and the industry.
His treatments will be 2x daily for a month and will continue there after !! He would be really ??♥️?appreciative if he won an Equi-Mist
Happy Thanksgiving ??Julie Breaux LaRose

Equi-Resp has been an absolute game changer for my barrel horse Candi. She used to cough during certain seasons and while I was warming up. Since using the Equi-Resp a few times weekly and before runs that has totally gone away. I have bought a lot of gadgets for my horse but the Equi-Resp truly has been the best investment I have made. #customerappreciationweek #onehappyappy Casey McDonald

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE My equiresp I believe in it 100 percent! It has helped my bleeder tremendously and keeps him running just as he was as a 5 year old (now he’s 17) even with running rodeos on him for 6 years straight every weekend this product has kept him going! Equi-Resp and we have also backed off on the amount of lasix we give from my machine! Krista Romero

Lasix Free

I just wanted to say that my horse is now LASIX FREE due to about 8 months of using Equi-Resp! He won the race (1D) on Saturday. It was his second run without Lasix!! At BBR I was in race one and didn’t have time to give him Lasix but he did get his breathing treatment. After the run, I had Dr. Ford scope him and he said his lungs were pristine! Said his lungs were healthy and no longer needed Lasix but keep up the Equi-Resp. Three years ago he collapsed with plural pneumonia due to being a silent bleeder. Anyhow, your product fixed my horse. I will still have him scoped but for now no Lasix and only breathing treatments!

Rachel Myers

Chronic Allergies

Love my Equi-Resp! We’ve had our machine for about a month and I can already see and feel such a difference. Tag has chronic allergies, which cause him to bleed, and we are in the height of allergy season. Despite that, he is running harder than ever and keeping his air. I’ve owned him for two years and we won 1D money today for the first time. Thank you for such an awesome product!

Morgan Butler Vivion

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due…

Hey! So I love to give credit where credit is due. Took my mare, who is a bleeder, to a 4 day barrel race over the weekend. Wanted to try it one time without lasiks while just using my EquiResp! Gave her a treatment each day a couple hrs prior to running and she ran faster as the weekend went on! Literally cannot say enough good about this product and how it has changed our life! One of the best investments I have made this far in the horse industry! Thanks so much!

Marklyn Wichensky

Great In the Heat

Manchita enjoying her “magic box” Equi-Resp. Made it to finals yesterday let’s see if we can pick up an extra check again today in Waco TX at NBHA state show this has helped me out so much with all the heat and everything.

Madison Wright

No more cough!

Took my mare to the indoor for the first time since I started Equi-Resp treatments. Not only was she able to stand inside while I worked other horses, she didn’t once sound out of breath and didn’t cough AT ALL!!! Equi-Resp had literally changed our lives! Thank you for this amazing product!

Jennifer Bobbie Robbinson

It Works!

These treatments are great and they work!

Eva M Anderson

Have My Old Horse Back

This treatment is working for Dakota, very well. He ran tonight and didn’t cough or bleed. He ran and performed like he used to.

Mike Moore

Amazing Product!

Amazing Product! All of my horses are working and breathing better and performing better. Wont leave my house without my machine. Super happy with the product and the customer service!

Hannah Stehl

Lung Infection Healed

I have a horse that had a lung infection and I spent lots of money trying to get her straight and Leslie helped me get her straight so I bought one and love it!

Johnny Stepenson

20 Year Old Running 1D Times!

We have a 20 year old barrel horse who is running 1D times and staying healthy thanks to equi resp! We Would absolutely recommend, worth every penny!

Their customer service is amazing as well. Tonda is quick to respond and readily available !

HeathAmy Lenagar

Hot Dry Summer...

This year has been very hot and dry and my WP show gelding started coughing badly and has had difficulty breathing. I spent a lot of money on steroid meds from the vet which did help but only temporarily. I want to thank Angela Clarke for bringing her Equi-Resp machine to the barn and treating my horse. After a few silver treatments my horse started coughing out his congestion which wasn’t happening with just the oral meds. It’s been 3 weeks and 8 treatments and my horse is no longer coughing or having trouble breathing. I am a strong believer of this product and have purchased my own to continue treating my horse to keep him healthy.

Carrie V