EquiSilver Wound Spray


EquiSilver Wound Spray 16 ounce Product Description EquiSilver Veterinary Wound Spray is a patented Chelated Silver veterinary wound care product. The antimicrobial wound spray is painless when applied. EquiSilver can be used on cuts, burns, abrasions, bacterial infections, superficial wounds, dermatitis and skin rashes, scratches or rain rot. For added treatment benefits, use in conjunction with Equisilver medicated shampoo. EquiSilver is 100% natural and non-toxic and testing has shown to kill over 600 disease causing organisms. Silver has shown to relieve pain and itching while reducing inflammation. The presence of silver near a virus, fungus, bacteria or other single pathogens disables its oxygen metabolism enzyme and within 4-6 minutes the pathogen suffocates and dies. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, which also destroy beneficial enzymes, EquiSilver leaves these tissues-cell enzymes intact. Chelated silver has proven to be a remedy and prevention to many infections and the fermentation of various bacteria. Directions for use: Clean wound of dirt and debris with clean water or a non-irritating solution. Remove any loose or dead tissue if present. Apply 3-4 sprays directly onto affected area twice daily as needed. Remove and change dressing as needed. Recommend reapplying spray on a daily basis. For open wounds changes dressing daily or apply spray directly to wound site twice daily. EquiSilver wound spray should be stored at room temperature. Avoid excess heat or extreme cold. View Material Safety Data Sheet