Why Equi-Resp

Easier Breathing Means Better Performance Improve Your Performance with Respiratory Therapy

When you travel and compete, its only a matter of time before your horse acquires a respiratory infection. Bleeders, Allergies, COPD, Heaves all play havoc with your performance.

Give your horse the winning advantage of an easy to use respiratory treatment and immediate relief from respiratory problems.
Equi-Resp with SilvaPlex has proven over and over that we offer the ability to help with all the above issues with a 100% natural product. We have so many testimonials that after using our system, horses that have bled through Lasix are now 100% off it and no longer bleeding. Testimonials as to how our system have helped allergies and all other types of respiratory issues to provide these treatments at home or on the road, for a fraction of the cost of costly drug treatments.