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Lasix Free

I just wanted to say that my horse is now LASIX FREE due to about 8 months of using Equi-Resp! He won the race (1D) on Saturday. It was his second run without Lasix!! At BBR I was in race one and didn’t have time to give him Lasix but he did get his breathing treatment. After the run, I had Dr. Ford scope him and he said his lungs were pristine! Said his lungs were healthy and no longer needed Lasix but keep up the Equi-Resp. Three years ago he collapsed with plural pneumonia due to being a silent bleeder. Anyhow, your product fixed my horse. I will still have him scoped but for now no Lasix and only breathing treatments!

Rachel Myers

Chronic Allergies

Love my Equi-Resp! We’ve had our machine for about a month and I can already see and feel such a difference. Tag has chronic allergies, which cause him to bleed, and we are in the height of allergy season. Despite that, he is running harder than ever and keeping his air. I’ve owned him for two years and we won 1D money today for the first time. Thank you for such an awesome product!

Morgan Butler Vivion

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due…

Hey! So I love to give credit where credit is due. Took my mare, who is a bleeder, to a 4 day barrel race over the weekend. Wanted to try it one time without lasiks while just using my EquiResp! Gave her a treatment each day a couple hrs prior to running and she ran faster as the weekend went on! Literally cannot say enough good about this product and how it has changed our life! One of the best investments I have made this far in the horse industry! Thanks so much!

Marklyn Wichensky

Great In the Heat

Manchita enjoying her “magic box” Equi-Resp. Made it to finals yesterday let’s see if we can pick up an extra check again today in Waco TX at NBHA state show this has helped me out so much with all the heat and everything.

Madison Wright

No more cough!

Took my mare to the indoor for the first time since I started Equi-Resp treatments. Not only was she able to stand inside while I worked other horses, she didn’t once sound out of breath and didn’t cough AT ALL!!! Equi-Resp had literally changed our lives! Thank you for this amazing product!

Jennifer Bobbie Robbinson

It Works!

These treatments are great and they work!

Eva M Anderson

Have My Old Horse Back

This treatment is working for Dakota, very well. He ran tonight and didn’t cough or bleed. He ran and performed like he used to.

Mike Moore

Amazing Product!

Amazing Product! All of my horses are working and breathing better and performing better. Wont leave my house without my machine. Super happy with the product and the customer service!

Hannah Stehl

Lung Infection Healed

I have a horse that had a lung infection and I spent lots of money trying to get her straight and Leslie helped me get her straight so I bought one and love it!

Johnny Stepenson

20 Year Old Running 1D Times!

We have a 20 year old barrel horse who is running 1D times and staying healthy thanks to equi resp! We Would absolutely recommend, worth every penny!

Their customer service is amazing as well. Tonda is quick to respond and readily available !

HeathAmy Lenagar

Hot Dry Summer...

This year has been very hot and dry and my WP show gelding started coughing badly and has had difficulty breathing. I spent a lot of money on steroid meds from the vet which did help but only temporarily. I want to thank Angela Clarke for bringing her Equi-Resp machine to the barn and treating my horse. After a few silver treatments my horse started coughing out his congestion which wasn’t happening with just the oral meds. It’s been 3 weeks and 8 treatments and my horse is no longer coughing or having trouble breathing. I am a strong believer of this product and have purchased my own to continue treating my horse to keep him healthy.

Carrie V

Eye Allergies Clearing Up

Equi-Resp thank you again for another great use in helping to clear up allergies in my pony’s eyes. This is after one treatment! Tonda Collins thank you!

Jody Stuhr